Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eryn's Shower

Last summer I promised my daughter's friend Eryn that I would write something about her shower. I know it's a bit late but this is for you Eryn.

My daughter Andrea met Eryn in Grad school where they were both studying architecture. There they became friends and found that they had a lot in common and soon became inseparable. When Eryn became engaged, she asked Andrea to be her maid of honour. Delighted, Andrea decided she would host a bridal shower for her and so she asked me if I would prepare some food for the event and of course I was more that happy to help.
Andrea worked very hard taking care of every detail, including designing the invitations, so that the shower would be a success. The invitations were sent and replied to and soon the special day arrived. It was a beautiful warm sunny day, which we'd hoped for so that we could have the shower outside. It was a bit breezy but no one seemed to mind. Everyone arrived to drinks and hor'dourves and bruschetta and then the shower games began.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves including Reena who flew in from Lagos.
Mary the mother of the bride-to-be and close friend Aline were having too much fun trying to guess how many nuts were in the boxers. I think they wanted to win the prize.
The luncheon included four different quiches; crab, quiche lorraine, asparagus and broccoli, spinach and pear and feta cheese salad, a pasta salad and Rose's Best Buns.

For dessert I had made sugar cookies in the shapes of flowers decorated with royal icing in the theme colours of pink and light green. There were also chocolate cookies, slices of currant pound cake, and truffles and fruit on the dessert table. But the crowning glory was the lovely cake by Irene's Cakes. It was a mixed berries shortcake covered with fondant and decorated with pink, green and yellow flowers.

Eryn opened her gifts, one of which she would not take out of the gift bag because it was naughty.

It was fun watching her giggle uncontrollably.
Eryn with Geraldine, her mother-in-law to be, and her mother Mary.

Each guest left with a party favour - an espresso cup and saucer with truffles wrapped in cellophane.

In September Eryn married her long time boyfriend Chris, a sailor who competed in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, in a lovely ceremony by the lake.


breadbasketcase said...

Very nice! It looks like everything turned out perfectly. How nice of you to do so much work to help make the party exceptional!

doughadear said...

Eryn was extremely happy so it was very satisfying especially for Andrea that the event was a success.

Rosa (Maggie) said...

hi there I have not seen you post in awhile a long while I hope things are good for you this is Maggie's cakes and cupcakes but it's that I have changed my google page now its called simply delicious I just wanted to ask you for your short bread cookies in this picture I cannot find the recipe if it's OK with you if you have a moment there are some time can you send me the recipe I really like the looks of those or if its Roses Christmas cookie book...and all so the cake..hope you come back ...thank you Rosa Maggie.